About Me

Bonjour, behind this journalistic blog is 27 year-old Alice Debois-Frogé, a French-American journalism student at San Francisco State University. 

While I was born and raised in Poitiers, France, I have made my young adult life on this side of the world. At age 19, after six months spent on the East Coast, I decided to move out West, and ever since that January 1, 2004, San Francisco has become my home. So now I have two “homes” in my heart, one is the country I grew up in, where most of my family and childhood friends are and the home I currently reside in and where my life is.

I am a journalism major at San Francisco State University, with a minor in Global Peace Studies, Human Rights and Social Justice. That echoes my idealism, my desire to bring about change, somehow and maybe one word at a time. I have been working and juggling school for the last few years and finally decided to concentrate on finishing my studies and entering the real world of the media. Besides being a full-time student, I am a freelance writer eager to put my keyboard on fire (typing!). I am also open to the ideas of internships, as of any other enterprise where I could get some experience. I am currently building my online portfolio, so check back soon. Meanwhile, connect with me via email, on LinkedIn, or on Google +.

I have had this blog in mind for over a year. I want to answer digitally the questions and desires that have been shared with me ever since I moved here. People want to know where they can meet/mingle/network with other like-minded people, keep up with speaking French, eat at a “true” French restaurant, go see a French movie or listen to a French Artist playing in the Bay Area. Beyond the obvious French-ness of this anticipated reporting, I also want to mention that I wish to reflect the diversity of the local French-speaking community and open the eyes of the San Franciscans to a face of their city they don’t really know.

Thanks for reading, and enchantée (nice to meet you)


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Bonjour,
    La rédaction de France-Amérique aimerait vous contacter pour une collaboration à la rédaction. Comment peut-on vous joindre?
    Bien cordialement,
    Anaïs Digonnet

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