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San Francisco is known to be quite the foodie town! People are proud of its fresh local products, its menu diversity and global influences. 

Authentic swiss cuisine and San Francisco don’t seem like an obvious match. But the city by the bay does have an authentic swiss restaurant. Some may wonder what would be served in a swiss restaurant. And the answer is … fondue!  

A bit of etymology: fondue means melted in French. The art of fondue suggests melting and dipping foods into a communal cooking pot. It can be made with cheese as in the original recipe, with oil as in the fondue bourguignonne (where you dip raw meat chunks into hot oil) or with chocolate where fresh fruits are dipped into the melted chocolate.

For the swiss cheese fondue, white wine, garlic and spices are added to the melted swiss cheese  and the dinner consist of dipping pieces of bread into the cooking pot with a long stemmed-fork and/or adding the melted cheese onto a baked potato and charcuterie plate.


Considered a national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union in the 1930s’, the fondue craze became popular in Northern American in the 1960s’ (Wikipedia). It was in 1994 that Andrew and Brigitte Thorpe arrived in California and it was in the fall of that year that they opened the Matterhorn Swiss Restaurant. 

And for dessert? A chocolate fondue bien sur! It consists of a blend of milk and dark swiss chocolates served with fruits to dip and marshmallows. 

Expect about $20 per fondue dish, but be sure that you will not leave the place with an empty stomach, except if you can’t eat cheese!

Bon Appetit!

The Matterhorn Restaurant – 2323 Van Ness Avenue – San Francisco, CA 94109