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Have you ever wondered what Michelin stars stand for?

First published in France in 1900, the Michelin Guide is originally a restaurant and hotel guide that was given for free to motorists so they would know where to stop for food and lodging during their travels.

The red book, featuring the Michelinman (otherwise known as the tire man) as icon is now quite famous, from a few hundred pages at its beginning, it now covers 23 countries and more than 45,000 restaurants.

Every year, the Michelin Guide reveals the stars added and removed to the establishments, according to several criteria and evaluated by anonymous inspectors who visit the establishment sometimes several times.

I examined the list of local restaurants with Michelin stars. Out of the list, 17 out of 44 were in San Francisco, so I conveniently placed them on a map for your next fancy dinner. Check it out and let me know whether you have any favorites!