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Bienvenue or welcome,

When it comes to online resources destined to the French-speaking, French-loving citizens of the Bay Area, we might feel a bit left out. News-based sites, business-specific blogs or content from French institutions established in San Francisco, there is little available about the local French Connection. To give ourselves an idea, let’s take a tour of what’s currently available.

San Frenchisco was an interesting blog made by a SF State journalism student last year, who did a nice job reporting about the local French-speaking community. For instance, she published an interesting infographic on the evolution of the French population in Northern California, which doubled in the last decade. Unfortunately, this was her last post and I hope for my blog to live beyond this semester.

Via its Facebook page and website, the Alliance Francaise of San Francisco announced a concert with Portland-based, French Artist Eric John Kaiser coming up on Friday, September 16. Meanwhile, on the business side, the latest news were offered by the French American Chamber of Commerce, which announced last month on its blog the departure of its Executive Director of 8.5 years, Carole Granade, who is moving back to France. In the monthly magazine France-Amerique, no local news regarding the local French Connection was to be found, but maybe in the next issue!

Many other current blogs were more of personal diary of a few French expats’, living here or traveling by, as well as lists of resources dedicated to the newcomers and cultural events lists – but overall a quick tour showed us that just in the past week, there wasn’t much coverage devoted to the local French, Francophine and Francophone community of the Bay Area. Thus, French Connection SF aims at bringing up-to-date, relevant content in one place, in a modern, interactive, multi-media focused, journalistic & magazine-like approach.

A journalism student at San Francisco State University, I want to put to use my journalistic skills, my French background and my years living in the Bay Area to offer a place where the French Connection gets a voice. This is a way for these many worlds we care about to meet. For those interested in this link, this is a place of discovery. For those French-speaking expats living over here, this is a place of resources, of information about events that might interest you, but of issues that might concern you.